Thoughts about the Great Blizzard of 2016

I am going to talk about feelings in this post and continue with life here in Mexico in the posts to follow.  Every so often, feelings that happen unexpectedly will come upon you and must be dealt with, and the blizzard that just happened to the East Coast of the U.S. is one of those times.

When I first heard that the East Coast was going to get dumped on with an amount that should have been happening but didn’t during this winter season, and it was going to happen all in one shot, my first thought was that I moved down here at exactly the right time.  I posted things on Facebook that were a little bit cheeky, to say the least. However, today I saw a video about people snowboarding by holding onto a rope attached to a car, and they were doing it in the streets of Manhattan.  A police car stopped them, but the officer told them to pretend they were getting lectured, and I think I felt a twinge of homesickness – though definitely NOT for the snow and cold.

When you talk about “New York Values,” this is what I think of.  It is people coming together, either to support each other in the face of disaster or getting together to just have fun, such as I saw on the video today.  I think of music in the subways (at the stations as well as in the subway cars) by street musicians as well as Julliard students. During the summer, it will be all kinds of street performers.

I believe that no matter where you are or where you come from, each place has its own character and things that make it special.  Having lived in New York, including Long Island, NYC and the Hudson Valley, I will always have a piece of New York inside of me, and be forever grateful for airplanes and the internet which will allow me to stay in touch with my roots,either physically or virtually.

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