Life is what Happens when You’re Busy Making Plans…

I didn’t break any bones, so it could have been much worse…. While walking this morning, I was very careful, using a branch from a tree as a walking stick, and taking it slowly and carefully as I was descending one of the paths. Unfortunately, my foot slid on some gravel, I lost my balance, and down I went. Being a nurse, after quickly recovering from the shock and the pain I felt, I did a quick self-assessment:

No broken skin on my foot, only on my right arm. I could bend my foot and my knee. No swelling, bruising or loss of function. OK – so it must just be that I was banged up a little, but nothing serious, and so I reassured my walking companions and myself.

We were about a half hour from home, so I was able to make it back alright, walking slowly and carefully. Once I got back, I took some Motrin, elevated my foot and applied a cold compress. Cleaned up my arm with some salt water, Bacitracin spray and applied band-aids. Over the next few hours, the pain continued to get worse and I was unable to bear weight on that foot, and figuring that it is now Friday, and I don’t know the accessibility of doctors here, I decided that it was time to pay a visit to the doctor.

Stephanie said her husband Steve could drive me to the doctor, but Jenna’s daughter was not feeling well, so she drove both me and her daughter to the doctor. Dr. Cony (Maria Concepcion Fonseca Gonzalez, one of our Project Amigo graduates) decided that there was no break, but there was damage to a muscle and tendon, and so I now have a half-cast for the next two weeks and tomorrow I will receive my crutches.  Meanwhile, I will be taking a medication called Retoflam F  (Meloxicam/metocarbamol, or Mobic/Robaxin, if you prefer) twice a day for 3 days.

Well, I guess I won’t be watching the Charro-taurina Queen be crowned at the jardín tonight and neither will I be dancing. Perhaps if someone is already going to the bull-ring, they will be able to give me a ride on Saturday or Sunday and if not, then there is always next year. It’s just too far to walk on crutches.

Meanwhile, next weekend is the gastronomic fair in Comala. Hopefully by then I will be an expert on using crutches and can either take the bus or catch a ride to that event. I always try to find a new food, spice or recipe book for my son Michael, as cooking is one of his passions.

Hopefully, someone I know may be at this weekend’s events and be able to tell me how it was and share some pictures, in which case I will share it with all of you, my dear readers. Otherwise – another time. So everyone, have yourselves a good weekend, and ¡hasta luego! (until next time.)

PS – At least I can unwrap it and shower. With a bit of a language barrier, even with the Spanish/English medical dictionary that I brought along, I thought at first that it would be a full cast, in which case – How was I to showe?. I started thinking of a bucket and a scoop for the water, having to soap up, then pour the water over the soapy skin to wash it away as I’ve had to do in Cameroon, but THANK YOU, Dra. Cony for making it a half-cast for support and to limit movement.

PPS – If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section. And, again, have a wonderful weekend !!!!!

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