Just Volcanos

Today, I’m going to be a bit lazy and will just be posting pictures and videos of our famous Volcan de Fuego – our volcano of fire, and the Nevado, the nearby, inactive volcano of snow. While the inactive volcano is actually higher than its active cousin, from our viewpoint here in Cofradía, it appears smaller.

Besides deciding to be lazy, I also played around with various settings on my new camera, so this is also a chance to show off all the neat pictures I have taken on various days and various times of day.

During the one week per year that I was here in 2012, 2013 and 2014, I didn’t see much activity at all, only an occasional wisp of smoke coming from the caldera. The summit of the active volcano could be seen as a straight, horizontal line. You can notice this in the following video from You Tube, and you can see the dormant volcano to the left:

There were several eruptions during the 2015 year, with a massive one in the summer that blew out the side of the crater, so you will see in my pictures a V-shape at the crater. I was told that here in Cofradía that ash was coming down for about a week after the explosion, and that things were manageable here and not as bad as conditions in villages and towns nearer to the volcano, but luckily, there was no loss of life.

So – without further ado, here are my pictures, and I hope you enjoy the view…..


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