Mexico City Trip – Part 2

There will probably be another two posts at least, since there is way too much commentary and too many pictures to cram into only one. In these pictures, we are still on the grounds of the Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

In the previous post, I displayed photographs of the churches on the grounds, and the photos and commentary in this post will explain how this all came to be. From December 9th through 12th, 1531, an indigenous man named Juan Diego had several visions of the Virgin Mary. She told him to go to the bishop and to say that a church was to be built on that site.

The bishop did not believe him and asked for a sign. Juan Diego went back, but first spent time with his uncle who was mortally ill. The sign given to him was roses in full bloom, which was a miracle since this was a freezing cold December. Juan Diego put them in his cape and brought them to the bishop, and when he opened his cape and let the roses fall out, there was a picture of the Virgin imprinted on his cape. When he went home, another miracle had occurred – his uncle was cured of his illness.

I will now end my narrative – to be continued tomorrow…

Good night, All…………….


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