Still Life, Frida and Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo

Today it will be mostly flowers, specifically the pink lilies in my garden and the vines of tiny pink flowers that are growing behind and around my banana trees. I mainly focus on composition, and while gardening this morning, and cutting down the lily plants that are too weak to stand up straight, I decided to put some of the flowers in a glass of water.

While pruning the dead fronds from my banana trees, I noticed the tiny, bright pink flowers latching onto the leaves of the tree.  Then it hit me that I could make a nice flower arrangement in a glass of water and try photographing still-life photos.

In addition, I had visited the Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo museum in nearby Nogueras. I love his paintings and bought a print. Lying around the house was also a poster advertising a Frida Kahlo exhibition, which I thought would look nice when framed on my wall. So after going to a framing establishment, I now have two very nice framed decorations on my walls. I would have loved to buy every painting of Hidalgo’s, but my space is limited, and now I am beginning to feel that my house is a combination flower shop/art gallery, even though there are only a few things here.

You can read more about Hidalgo here:

and see some of his fabulous paintings here:

If anyone visits this area, the Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo museum is one of the places you must visit not only to enjoy his art, but also to see and learn about the history of this area.

Meanwhile, please enjoy my gallery of photos of some flowers in a simple glass of water, taken in automatic and creative shot settings…..

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