The Third Annual Volcano Festival

The third annual Volcano Festival in Colima just ended and with one thing and another, I did make it there for two days at the tail end. There were various forms of entertainment during the day, but the main events/shows didn’t start until 9pm. For me that is a bit late, unless I am going with someone who is doing the driving. However, I understand some of the reasoning. I think even in The States, many shows start in the evening, and in Colima you also need to take into account the searing heat. Living here, I can understand why many places close down around 2pm and don’t open again until around 4 or 5pm – and even I have started resting or napping at that time. It’s just too hot to do anything else, though, fortunately, Cofradía de Suchitlán is at a higher elevation, so we are cooler, relative to Colima.

Anyway, the Volcano Festival is much like other festivals, with vendors selling food, clothing and crafts, rides for the children and musicians plus dancers from local schools or dance troupes performing.

image_40037873 (2)

Of course, we had a large plastic volcano…


And this year there was a 5, 10 and 15 k walk. They began at 7am and finished at 10am.

image_123923953 (5)

And then, there was a exhibition of dancers on the stage. I was surprised that, in addition to the traditional dances, they had other forms, such as modern dance and Middle Eastern dances.

The stage was next to the fountain, and at first, I thought the drops we felt were from that fountain, but as it continued, with more and more drops I said to myself, “No, this is definitely rain.” Fortunately I was carrying an umbrella, and fortunately for the performers, it didn’t last long.



Before the performances, we were wandering around the booths and came upon one that was selling “International” food. The menu had two rows of flags of different countries, and the food they were serving from that country.

Next to the Canadian flag, “poutine” was written. Now when my sister and I visited Quebec, she couldn’t wait to have poutine. When it arrived, it looked like french fries with some white stuff on it and brown gravy. To me, it was very bland, and while it was ok, I would not have gone out of my way to seek it out. My sister said it was a special kind of cheese that is made in Quebec.

The listed ingredients at the festival booth were the fries, mozzarella and beef gravy. I was tempted to try them, but the heat of the day was so fierce that I didn’t think my stomach would tolerate it well, so we had ice cream instead.

After a while, when the dance performances were finished, the mariachis appeared. I had never seen outfits in green before, but they were very good. A girl was handing out leaflets about the restaurant where they perform, so I think when my granddaughter visits in July, we will go there one night.

Their outfits DID match the clothing of a little boy who checked them out, then stood in front of them to dance.


And so that is all for now. Until next time, have a wonderful week…..

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