A Bunch of Nice Videos

Two nights ago, a bunch of us went to the final night of the Gastonomia Festival with Ted and Susan. We had a delicious outdoor dinner, multi-course, prepared by the chefs and some great entertainment. Finally got home around 11:30pm, I think.

There were several groups of dancers, including three men doing the Old Man’s Dance (a dance from Michoacan) and at the end of the dance, they took off their masks and we could see that they were not old at all. There was also a mariachi band, and I am amazed at the powerful voices of the singers in these bands each time I hear them.

I could see way past the many tables of diners three men on horses in the street. They were too far away to get a good video, but these were the “dancing horses” which would dance around to the music. You can see a little bit of it in one of the videos as I pan from the musicians to the horses.

Not much else to add right now, so I will let you enjoy the







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